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Family gathering by Judy Tankersley
Jeff, you asked about the annual family gathering and I have no particular answer...whenever every one is ready. Someone make a decision and we will plan for it. If anyone has an idea, please, give it to us aand we'll put it on the calander and notify everyone to hold that date. We don't want anyone to miss it and working people have to plan ahead. So, let's hear your opinion and we'll put a date on the calander. Or if someone has ideas other than where..let's hear them, too. It would be nice to hear from you speaking on any subject!

By the way! Since when have I been in charge of this affair. Sandra has always been the leader and pusher of this affair. Where is she? I havwn't seen or heard from her in ages. Sandra, help! Or are you sending us asubtle message? It's getting dark and I can hardly see, so better say goodbye or goodnight.

Love, Judy T.


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