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? Date of Gathering by Janell Rose
Hello Dear Family - yes we are wondering about the date as well - a few weeks back Sandra mentioned near end of Oct. or first part of Nov. JR. and I would like to come but we told Carolyn more than 6 weeks ago that we would be home the first weekend in Nov. for John's Birthday. Carolyn is going to meet John at our house rather than driving another 4 hours. It is a little over a 5 hour drive for her to our house - going on to see John would be 9 hours or more. Plus, we will get to see both of them. We only get to see them 2 - 3 times a year, so their vists are very special. Because of the date, we may not be able to come and would surely love to be there.

JR and I are home again after another trip to OK and being gone nearly a week. My Brother is going to OK Oct. 3 from Flagstaff and be there a few days - so think we will be home now until past the middle of Oct.

Leah, I ached for you reading your posting. We have been through that situation with our little Beagle. I had tears running down my face, the Vet let me out the back door so I would not have to go through the waiting room. JR said it had to be done - but he could not take the Dog - poor little "Dolly" had gone blind and we were giving shots daily. He stayed home and prepared a place for her in the back yard. These Pets really grab our hearts and we have one now that we can't even think about losing. You met Andy at the Reunion. This is one crazy, spoiled dog. Last week we were having Shrimp Cocktail - Andy ate 9 large size shrimp (no sauce.) I told JR we better not give him any more. Every evening about 6:30 to 7:00 he goes and sits in front of JR and starts "talking" and looking over where his leash hangs. (JR says he has an internal clock.) JR goes through a big "rigamarore" with him just like he used to pester our girls - till they are both squawking at each other - finally Andy starts a high pitch whine till JR gets the leash - then Andy's tail moves his whole behind as out the door they go. Last Saturday, Jr was asleep in his chair, Andy went over and started the "talking" and JR told him very firmly "No, not now." He looked at JR - then walked immediately over to my chair and started "talking and whining" to me - we could not believe it, just like a child. If Daddy says "No" - Go ask Mama. He listens to every word we say - if "go" is mentioned, he is at the door. We have a retired teacher that lives 3 - 4 houses down the street that Andy just loves and she is nuts about him - wanted a picture for her refrig. When you say go to "Rosemarys" he turns right into her drive, takes his foot and bats on her door. JR and I were out in the backyard talking bout "Rosemary" the Herb, Andy got all excited and headed for the front door as he thought we were talking about our friend. He has been so much company -I don't know what we would do without him. So much for Pets - but we totally understand your loss.

Gads, time for me to quit - sounding senile. You can tell nothing exciting is happening around here - Frankly, would so love to run away and go somewhere. Well, JR just told me he is getting up in the morn at 6:00 A.M. and go to the Flea Market at Grapevine - So - guess that will have to do. Love to All, JR and Janell


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