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Little Companions by Sandra
Leah, I am so sorry about Blitz. After almost 12 years I KNOW how close one can come to a cat. Never was a cat person until Stacia provided the opportunity for us to "sit" her cat when she moved to CA. After that, this was home to him. I thank her and Sam for all that joy. Last night when I read your posting, I felt it almost ironic that I was sitting here grieving our loss of Sam not 48 hours earlier.

Jim and I are both very sad, but we know it will get better. This old house sure feels empty, especially when I'm here alone. With my feelings still so raw, I can only equate it with losing a dear loved one of the human kind, and I'll let tomorrow's thoughts and feelings be what they may.

I didn't have the strength for euthanasia, though I did one time pick up the phone but couldn't make the call to the vet. I already knew that "natural or assisted" I could have regrets, because both are traumatic. Either way, too, the decision is heart wrenching and we question.

Here's to Blitz and Sam!!! They were loved!


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