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Thanx mucho! by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on February 02, 2005 at 21:38:44:

Yes, by all means, thanx James! This is the most contact I've had with the Rose family for a long time. I do have a slight problem with knowing some of the people on the site at times. But I'm learning. Not being near Oklahoma for about 20 years has kind of left me out of touch. So I am definitely enjoying this opportunity to visit. And I know that my Mom really really enjoys the site very much too. She keeps more in touch with me thru this site then .... well, you know. :-) And apparently my father enjoys it too. Anyway, he told me that he liked hearing from me thru my e-mails.

Sandra, just wanted to let you know that our neighbor Jack did finally come by and get "the stuff". [Daryl had actually opened the nasty thing a few weeks before though just to see what was in it. Some bedding materials and a few empty ... ah ... bottles. I was glad when Daryl didn't actually touch anything.] Jack was thankful for what we had done ... but you could tell that he wanted to move the stuff quickly and not talk much. He was probably pretty embaressed by the whole situation. Daryl was going thru his bout with the flu at the time, so again, I had to help haul the stuff back over. At least I had left the stuff on my little red wagon the whole time so it wasn't too much trouble to move back. But when we got it over to Jack's house we couldn't take the stuff up the driveway since it was still pretty icy. [The neighbors had just gotten back from their long time in Florida and hadn't had a chance to clean off their driveway from the big 5 incher. So it had gotten a little icy in the meanwhile. So we had to unpack the car carrier so Jack could move the individual bags, etc. himself up the side of the driveway. Let's just say I washed my hands good after getting back to the house. The son had been sleeping on the back porch so there was some rather disgusting sleeping items in the carrier. Ugh. It was really interesting though because Jack didn't know who the car carrier belonged to. I had no clue. The other neighbor who had enlisted my help to store the items for Jack was in a big hurry and had two small kids in tow. And the one kid was a real motor mouth. I'd met her before when she was selling girl scout cookies and she was a real powerhouse then. This time she kept asking me questions or talking to me while I was trying to keep up with her father ... who is a real powerhouse himself and was trying to get things done quickly. Finally her dad told her to be quiet. But it didn't work very well. Geeeeeez. I was trying to be nice to the child but I was wishing that she'd just shut up! I can only listen to one person at a time, especially when they are both powerhouses. So I had no time to ask the other neighbor about any of the stuff. And definitely no time for small talk.

At least it is all out of our garage. The good thing though was that Daryl and I had to move several items around in the garage just to make room for just getting around the big carrier. So after it was moved out I now have this nice big area (relatively speaking) to walk around in in the garage. [there is an extra 7x7 feet of space in front of my car where we have put in shelves and store items as the mower] Having the area clear has come in real handy since I like going thru the side door to avoid letting in a lot of cold air with a garage door. And we've had some pretty nasty cold weather lately. At least we've been hitting 40 for a few days now with sunshine so about half of the accumulated snow is gone. Sigh.

One other thing. Jean, Jack's wife came by to thank me for taking care of her son't stuff also. She was more talkative about the situation and told me that her son had put himself into rehabilitation. Apparently he has a tendency to go on binges whenever his parents aren't around to keep him on the straight and narrow. Talk about putting a crimp into any vacation time! Hope he stays sober this time.

At least Daryl is now physically well and finished with his class! Yeah!!! So maybe he can relax and enjoy life a little more and not keep getting sick, which was probbly helped along due to the excess stress. And I don't have to play nurse and worry about him on weekends. And I can get back to being a lazy cow again. Moooooo!

And speaking of ... I hear my bed calling me.


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