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Thanx, fellow fur ball fans. by Leah Jean
Thanx, Janell and Sandra, for your sympathetic thoughts. I'm sure that most of us older folks have experienced the love of a good little fur ball and then the pain of loosing them. It was funny but I was thinking of Granddad after Blitz was gone. I remember when I was much younger hearing that Granddad had lost his last dog. Some of you guys were trying to find him another companion since Grandmother was no longer around either. Granddad ... from what I heard ... staunchly refused any more pets. I now kind of wonder if going thru the pain and agony of both losses put him off from having another pet. I know that it has me at this time.

At least I still have Tigre. But the irony there is that she's been having kidney problems for almost 2 years now. She's a tough little kitty though. But Daryl and I now have to give her fluids thru an IV system 2 times a week. Needless to say, Tigre is getting pretty skittish about being around the 2 of us together since Daryl has to hold her while I do the dirty work of sticking a needle under her back skin. Then we both try to hold her steady until enough fluid drains into her from the hanging bag. Fortunately I used to be a medical technician at one time and am not too skittish about using a needle. It took a few weeks before Daryl started getting used to it. The first few times I had to keep reminding him that we had to do it. At least it's better than the added trauma of having to take her to the Vet's each time.

I guess I broke my promise, didn't I? Said I was gonna talk about happier things.

Maybe ... next time?



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