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More Fur! :) by Sandra
Leah, I hope you are doing better after losing your little Blitz (good name there). I've thought of you a lot. Too, I've thought about how difficult it must be to nurse a cat like you are doing with's love, pure and simple. I think the weeks before Sam's death caused me more gray hair (I'll know when it grows out:). In fact, I told Patricia that now I understood why she has more gray hair than I - it's all the little companion losses she has endured. Every day does get a little bit better, but I'll just be glad when a simple remembrance or the habit of expectation of his presence doesn't bring a tear but a smile.

I know there are some Roses that are "anti-pet", so just be patient out there. I remember so sweetly how Tom was about Sam when he spent a couple of nights with us. He was very kind but I think I saw a grimace when Sam jumped upon the table. Sam seemed to be particularly demonstrative when non-pet people were around, and it kept me busy seeing that he minded his manners. I always hesitated thinking about the places he would go when I wasn't at home. I just learned that with a cat you "adapt TO THEM" not them to you. They leave their mark everywhere!

Leah, after Mom died, Dad did have another dog. Almost a year later he started wishing for a dog. I guess you never got to meet Puff, the poodle/dachshund accident one of our neighbors had. She was a little black furball the kids insisted on getting for grandad....the "pianist dog"! Later, when he moved to town into the duplex he couldn't have a pet, and guess who got to keep her? Now, I never in my wildest dreams would have chosen a poodle-like dog with the name Puff. It felt silly! Dad named the dog Puff after a dog that Mary and Bill had by the name of Muffin. Due to his bad hearing, he thought they were calling their dog Puffin.....or maybe he just liked Peter, Paul and Mary?**

Hope everyone is doing well! Nothing new happening here but the weather sure is grand. Tons of yardwork to be done before the cold comes, and my back aches thinking about it.

John Wesley's next hearing is October 21st. Let's send good vibes that he will be home in short order! Sybil has really appreciated the good response with letters, and, if you haven't written one, please do!

Looking forward to the trip to Eureka Springs in early November and we'll sure miss any of you that cannot make it.

The vacuum cleaner is take care, all!

Much love,

** You know, "Puff, the Magic Dragon". Puff lived 16 years but I was the one who breathed fire occasionally. :)


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