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Out in left field ... by Leah Jean
Hmmmm. Sandra, it sounds like I got the Granddad story wrong. Oh geez, I'm sooooo shocked. Not! Thanx for correcting me.

Didn't I promise to write about something a little less depressing. Hmmmm.

At work I have 2 different calendars: one with cartoons from the New Yorker magazine and the other "The Left-Hander's Calendar". Cartoons from the New Yorker, as one can imagine, can be pretty stinkin' funny at times and then pretty out there in the ozone at times. Guess you have to read the magazine or live in New York to know what in the world they are talking about sometimes. Some of my favorites are the one showing two snowmen one saying "No, Carl!" and the other trying to commit suicide with a hair dryer. [Chortle.] And then there was the one that showed a laboratory with a bunch of mice in cages and one says to the others, "Hey everyone! Let's all play dead when the professor gets back!" [Snicker.]

But I find the Left Hander's Calendar the most interesting ... given that I am [duh] left-handed. How many of us can recount the usual left sayings and humor that has gone on for ages. The usual "lefties are in their right mind". The usual comeback for someone picking on you. [And if you don't understand what I'm talking about, maybe I'll explain it later.] That we lefties usually write "around and backwards". Took me ages to find another lefty that could tell me why we did that. [It was so ingrained in my way of doing things that I couldn't see the forest for the trees!] We are trying to avoid the ink that isn't dry ... since in a normal writing position the side of our hand would go directly over the just written ink! But it didn't help much with pencil because it doesn't dry. I always had pencil lead all over the side of my left hand in school. Typewriters and computer keyboards are such wonderful things to have now.

Anyway, I've picked out some of the best tidbits from my calendar to impart to all of you. Today it will be what they call "fun facts".
1. Did you know that the creater of the sewing machine was left-handed? Why do you think sewing machines have the needle on the left side?
2. Did you know that the only species (supposedly) on earth that is left-handed dominant is gorillas? [No cracks, please.]
3. If you type on a "standard "QWERTY" keyboard,the number of English words typed solely with the left hand is estimated at 1,447. [Hmmmm. Could it be because most of the vowels are on the left side of a standard keyboard?] I've also read somewhere else that the typewriter was first designed to make a typist go slower so the person wouldn't jam the keys. Okay, how many of you out there remember typing on a real old fashioned non-electric typewriter where the keys jammed? Guess there was a little prejudice that your left hand would always be the slower hand?

Well, anyway, it is getting late and I shall continue some more of this wonderfully interesting information at another time. [Cough, cough. Gag.]

Next time ... the definition of a left-hander!

Leah the Lefty


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