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Bear sitings by Jeff Tankersley
We've got some bear poop out in the yard that I need to clean up. It's been there for a few days, and I don't think it's going anywhere. Jodi went out the back door the other night, and when she came in she said that she thought something was in one of the apple trees. I went out, and sure enough, there was a large dark blob in the bottom of the tree. I went inside and told her that I thought she was correct in her assumption of there being a bear there, and we went to the window to check it out. About that time Taz-Marie (the little white dog) ventured outside to see what was going on, and imediately went into a barking frenzy at the tree which is just outside her pen. All of a sudden here came a cub (bear),flying down out of the tree and running full speed across the lawn and straight up an aspen tree. It is amazing, but these little critters can run up an aspen tree nearly as fast as they can run across the ground.
Mama bear came down out of the apple tree right behind junior, but wasn't as impressed with Taz, and just kind of hung around, waiting for her kid to come down out of the tree so that they could be on their way to town (where they forage through the dumpsters).
It was great fun watching Mama Bear standing under the tree trying to convince little Booboo (sic?) to come down, that Taz wasn't going to eat them, and finally, after about ten minutes, here he came, and they went on there way.
With fruit trees in our yard the bears can sometimes be a real nuisance, but it seems that we only have problems with them about every third year. They will climb the trees for the fruit, higher and higher, until they are breaking large branches off of the trees. At that point we have to go out and strip all of the apples off of the trees, so that they will not damage the trees any more.
The weather here is relly beautiful for this time of year-- I was scraping ice off my windshield a week ago.
Hope everybody is fine, love to all---Jeff


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