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Horrors!!!! by Sandra
Just checking the board for spam, and what do I see but scary stories!

I don't know which is scarier - BEARS in the yard or Junior up on the roof! Sure, I'd stroll outside at NIGHT if there was the likelihood of bears!!! Sheesh! A possum scares me. The only time I've ever seen a bear up close and personal, other than the zoo, was on the highway in Christie one night - but no one seemed to believe that story. Anyway, it was enough for me. Jeff, did I detect a bit of excitement in your note?? I'm sure hoping you feel some trepidation.

Junior, I don't think pecans would go down well if one is lying prone and in traction!

Our weather is heavenly and only if Oklahoma were like this at least six months out of the year! How I'd love to just be outside enjoying it without seeing work to be done.

Well, so much for starting my day with excitement. By the way, Jeff, how does one remove bear poop, with a front-end loader??

Take care Dear Ones!!!

Much love,


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