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Thanx again, James! by Leah Jean
You just saved me again, James ... and you don't even know it! I started writing a msg but the msg muse wasn't gracing me with any great thoughts. Couldn't even think of a descent Subject. So I tried backing out of the editor by hitting the Submit button. Ooops! Fortunately someone ... ahem ... intelligently made it so RoseNose wouldn't accept a blank msg!!!

And it's all those Rose women's fault! Distracting me with their goofy antics. [Chortle! Guffaw!] Sounds like Stacia is a regular chip-off-the-old-block too. Great come back, Stace! :)

Oh, and Jeff. Tell them about the first time you suddenly came upon a bear in your backyard. [It was the first time, I do believe.] That's a story that can always make me laugh!

Junior on the roof retrieving pecans! Janell, you have such a crazy husband. Obviously he inherited it though.



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