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"Dem Genes, Dem Genes gonna rise again" by Sandra
OK, Leah Jean, are you trying to avoid laying claim to your Rose genes? You better be careful they'll sneak up on you in your old age!

Junior and the pecans on the roof. I just need to remind Junior that I remember him agreeing that Grandad Rose was foolish when he got up on the roof at 80 some years old to do some repairs. See how genes sneak! :)

Recently Jim and I watched the Ken Burns series about World War II on PBS. I'm hoping that many of you, too, watched. What a series! I learned a lot and appreciate more how much was sacrificed by so many. Had a great discussion with Sybil about it and how I would love to sit down with Junior, Judy and Sybil and put more of it in perspective through their eyes. I've always loved the telling and re-telling of thier "adventures", but somewhat seeing that show made we want to know more.

Jeff, do tell us the story about confronting a bear in your yard. Have you ever thought about moving?

Hey out there......who's going to Eureka Springs? Tell us here if you are going.

Gotta go clean the big pan of lettuces and spinach I just picked. Aren't you envious?

Love you guys,


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