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What wisdom? by Leah Jean
Sandra, I definitely laughed out loud at those "old" jokes you posted.

Here's something to mull over along the same lines. I was sitting in the dentist office waiting to get my umpteenth crown installed reading a Newsweek when I came across this rather interesting article. Apparently the frontal lobes of the brain have something to do with governing our ability to censor what we say out loud. And as we get older, our frontal lobes shrink. So this medical study suggest that as people slowly mellow into old age, they actually get less mellow. They have a tendency to say whatever comes into their mind ... and this can lead to some rather "politically incorrect" statements. So the next time some old timer says something shocking to you, just remember those frontal lobes!

But then some people ... who will remain nameless at this time ... seemed to have never been blessed with frontal lobes during their whole life time.

I did poked fun at one guy at work who is notorious for constantly blathering about outlandish things "ad nauseum". He said back to me, "Don't you remember me telling you about that lobotomy I had back in ....?

Sigh. ;)



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