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Is winter gone yet? by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on February 27, 2005 at 08:08:24:

Daryl and I are counting the days until the weather warms up. Still haven't heard anything on the "front door" situation from the contractors. But as I said, "Take your time because I would like to the weather to warm up some before you replace the doors!"

Daryl seems to finally have shaken off his miserable health streak. He did get bronchitus from the go-round with the flu. But after 2 weeks of having a little trouble breathing, he went to the doc's and got fixed up. It only took about a week to get himself cleared up! Yeah! Especially since I have known people at work who went several weeks without getting rid of their bronchitus.

We just had a nother 5 incher of snow last Thursday. This has definitely been one of the snowier winters. But as I said before, they haven't been real biggies either. The last 5 incher landed on kind of warm ground in barely freezing temps so it started melting pretty quickly. But it was slushy on the roadways so our work place was closed on Friday. Not bad. Monday was a holiday and Friday was off: 3 day work week. But I don't get paid for snow days. Sigh. The problem of being a contractor. But I do like my days off! Just wish I got more things done at home. [Snicker.] I heard that the D.C. govt. didn't close though. Pretty amazing since they got 7 inches there. Especially with their very heavy traffic problems. Glad I don't work in that area!

Not a whole lot else going on around here.



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