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I'm back on! by Judy
Posted by Judy ( on March 05, 2005 at 16:22:52:

Well!! It's good to have my computer back. Thanks to "young" Jim Deming and his knowledge of this machine and a bit of Sandra's help, I'm back on here again. It was fun reading all the notes, letters, and comments. I really missed them, but I got more work done in the meantime. It's gardening season! I love getting my fingers in the dirt and hearing from all of you. (Those two items are not related!)

We have a woodpecker in our backyard and I hear him drilling on the rain spout. I don't know what thrills he gets from the terrible racket he makes, but I hope he's not damaging anything. I wonder if he gets a headache. The rainspouts are metal.

You can see I have many interesting things to talk about, but I'm so glad everyone has more interesting things than I have, so keep writing. I love it.

Judy T.


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