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Oct hearing by Julie V
Great bear story! But where was little bear slayer (Taz)?
Got a note from Margaret this am that follows. (Hope you don't mind Margey!)

hey aunt juju,

kevin picked me up at 8 this morning from kathy's house and we drove around for an hour looking for the court house. all these fancy new buildings look the same, you just have to read the big names on them like "ministry of" whatever or "district of" whatever and of course, the court house had a huge sign in arabic... haha but kevin figured it out because they had that scale symbol thing on it. sooo we went in and of course no one spoke english but we went to the appeals floor and meet mr. saleh and stuff. then we went and sat down in the room where maybe 5 other locals were waiting to have their appeals. so we sat and waited maybe an hour, watching all these other people get called up and talked to in arabic. it was pretty boring. there was a little mix up or something about bringing dad to the court house and he was late. so we just relaxed and then he came in after all the other folks were done and the judges (who we had to stay up for and be all respectful towards etc) went back into their little office room thing. so dad sat and talked with us, just visited, lots of hugs and kisses, he finally got to meet kevin and boy were they both happy haha! so dad went into the gudge's office with his lawyer and some other guy and came out about 10 minutes later. maybe less. so mr. saleh explained that they are taking more time to announce his new sentence. this is apparently good news beacuse if they had decided to just keep the old one, then it wouldn't take them any time, but they have to get the new sentence approved and all that jazz so it takes a bit longer. so the new verdict is set for november 26th. anyways after the came out we sat and visited with mr. saleh for a bit and he explained that this appeal won't be affected at all by any political pressure beacuse it's only the evidence in the case they're looking at. but the next appeal, to the high court is very political and that's when we'll pull out the big guns. so then we had like 10 more minutes to talk with dad and kevin got more hugs and stuff haha and then dad was being taken back to the prison and we got kisses and then kevin and i went to breakfast haha. over all i found it a little frustrating but seeing as dad was in good spirits, it made me feel much better. i plan to go visit him tomorrow mroning for the last time and then i leave tuesday night of course. i can't wait to see you all!
love from margey and dad especially to grandpa!


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