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Testorsterone run amock! by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on March 07, 2005 at 21:02:38:

Yep, Mom, Jim is right. We had a woodpecker who wouldn't leave out top drain pipes alone either for awhile. Daryl was threatening to get a small air rifle (legal in our area) and shoot it! I told him "no way!" But we found out first of all that the male woodpecker is just trying to attract females ... which he did by the way. Daryl said he saw a few coming around the bird. And second I heard on the news that shooting a woodpecker in Maryland is illegal because it is a protected species. And who can bitch too much about something that eats bugs. Certainly not me! Just wait a little longer and the bird's male hormones will settle down. But the drumming will drive you a little crazy for a while. :-)

I guess Mr. Woodpecker thought that our house had one of the best views since we are right near the top of a hill ... or we just have the most "resonant drain pipes". And thanks for letting us know, Mom, because now we will be ready if one of those suckers starts pecking on the drain pipes above our bedroom again. Sigh.



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