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Snowing and raining and sleeting .... oh my! by Leah Jean
Posted by Leah Jean ( on March 13, 2005 at 11:57:26:

Well, I can only say that I hope all the rest of you are enjoying the weather down in Texas, Oklahoma, etc. We've gotten into a weather pattern around here where it rains or sleets or snows ... sometimes a combination of all 3 ... each week or 2 times a week. Between the warmer air coming up from the gulf and the intermitant colder air coming down from Canada it just constantly fluctuates. I would say that we are averaging snow about once a week. But fortunately it is getting a LITTLE warmer around here so the snow doesn't stick as much. The last 5 incher a few weeks ago didn't make things too bad because we'd had (unbelievably) weather in the 60s the day before. So it was mainly just slushy roads we had to put up with. And the snow didn't really stick. The bad part with that snow though was that we had some really heavy winds: around 30-40 ... which is about hurricane aftermath winds as far as I'm concerned! Gusts of 20-30 is windy. Winds of 30-40 make me happy I own a rather streamlined car! And the temps dropped from a balmy 60 to a high of low-30s! You talk about winter shock! And the winds made the wind chill in the teens and possibly single digits. Brrrrr! Talk about a rude awakening the next morning. One day without a coat in the afternoon and the next day got the arctic gear out again! There were icicles on my car when I got out of work that day. Not much snow on it though because the wind was blowing it off the car. Geez. A small favor. And now we have more rain/snow forecast for Friday again. The problem is that we are supposed to getting into the 50s now but we are still in the 40s. At least we don't have to worry about the ground being dry this spring. ;-)

Even poor old Daryl is becoming a bit more of a home-body on the weekends. At least bowling and racquet ball still get him some exercise. [Bowling?] So him and a buddy are taking off for Florida next week to do a little golfing. At least we still have the practise net still set up in the basement so Daryl can practise his swing.

I was watching Sunday Morning on CBS a little during commercials on "This Week with George Stephanopolus" and Sunday Morning had a piece on Death Valley. Death Valley was resplendite with wild flowers because it had had 6 inches of rain this year ... so far. It usually gets 2 inches all year. It reminded me of the time that Cousin Wes told me about going camping in the area (if memory serves me right). [But then Wes was always running around camping all over the world.] He warned that you should never camp in a creek bed there because if it does rain, flash floods can happen very quickly. Well, according to one of the people on the show, Death Valley had had some really serious flash floods lately! But oh, what they produced.

So even Death Valley is starting to look good to me? :-)



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