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Eureka Springs by James Deming
Had a great time in Eureka Springs. For those of you that weren't there the attendees were as follows (in no particular order) (My apologies if I forget someone).

Mary Rose & Judy Rose from the Tyler Roses.

Sybil Downs; Julie, John, and John Henry Van Woy (our hosts)

Carolyn & Russ Benton
Phil Benton with Daughter Mary & Son-in-law Jason

On Friday Night The Tankersleys Judy, Hank & Cindy

Pat & Wes Masters

James & Linda Rose

Jim & Sandra Deming

Stacia, Todd & Zoe Lipe

And my wife Courtney and I

I think I got everyone on the list, now for a few pictures, we didn't take any formal ones, so here are a few snapshots:


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