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Moi? Impressive? by Leah Jean
Hey Wes, back at you on being impressed. I really get a kick out of your messages describing all the wild places you have been to. And as to remembering about your Death Valley trip? For some reason that one little fact just stuck in my brain because I found it so interesting. It was such a good lesson to learn on survival in general (look out for the unexpected). That's probably about the only detail I remember about all your exploits though. So I'm not that impressive in that respect. :-)

I can't complain too much about my life, even though I've become kind of lazy and boring in my "old age". When Daryl and I were first together, I tried to get him to get a job that would take us to another country. But Daryl had a very good point: when you work overseas as a programmer in the kind of work we do, it is usually as a "maintenance" person. In otherwords, you aren't on the cutting edge anymore but keeping up some other developers' software. And Daryl is definitely not the type of person to be happy doing that. Oh well.

And speaking of Daryl, him and his buddy headed down to Florida recently for a few days of golf. Of course, the weather is FINALLY getting into the 50s here. And the first true sign of spring here was seeing a golfer out on the course on Thursday. True, he was the only golfer I saw out that day because it was still rather chilly ... but sunny. But it showed that the snow was all gone and the course had actually dried enough to allow it to be played on. Yeah! And Friday, the temps were in the 50s so more golfers were migrating back into the area.

The biggest problem I had was when Daryl and I went to the airport to drop him off. [No, I didn't have a "mush" attack! We've been married too long for that.] I had to drive Drayl's SUV to work and then home. Now, Daryl is the gadget guru ... and me, I will use gadgets only after Daryl sets them up and shows me how to use them. For example: "my" computer, our home LAN system that integrates 2 regular computers, a cable network server, one laptop, a couple of printers, and a scanner/copier. Also Daryl put together a rather elaborate "movie room" with surround-sound, TIVO, large screen TV, blah, blah, blah. I almost dread watching any movie in there on my own because once in a while I push the wrong button and I can't figure out how the [*!@#$%] whole system to work again! Then I find out later that Daryl had "adjusted" something. Good grief. And I don't even own a cell phone. Of course, Daryl has gone thru a several. But then he is always running around doing sports/hobby thingees so he really needs them.

Well, back to my original story. Daryl has an Acura MDA (I think that's right) that is loaded with gadgets. My husband. Sigh. He's even got one of those onboard computers that can link to navigation satellites, spit out maps showing where you are, and be programmed to orally tell you where to turn, etc. to get to a location. [I nicknamed the female voice "Bertha" ... which Daryl doesn't appreciate.] Well, the SUV is also a fairly new vehicle and I haven't driven it hardly at all. So I was rather dreading taking it over at the airport. And it was one bit of "fun" after another.

1. First of all, my first bridge to cross was getting out of the airport which was unexpectedly crowded, especially due to alot of expansion construction. But I have trained in the Maryland/D.C. area for years, so it was really no big deal. And I actually had a better view of the traffic being in an SUV.

2. Next, the [*$#@!] SUV has "memory seats": depending on the key used, the car will electronically readjust the seat and side mirrors for that person getting in. Daryl had given me HIS keys. So everytime I stopped and restarted the dern-fern SUV I had to readjust the seat and the one side mirror because they would readjust to Daryl's positions. Annoying to put it mildly.

3. At least I have an Acura myself (albeit a 7+ year old 2 door car) so some of the functions as the lights were similar. But that was just about it. At least the SUV is an automatic. But I did have a little panic attack when I noticed that the shift console had several extra "drive" features. D5 (I assumed normal), D4 (4 wheel drive?), and something else I know not what! Anyway ... I hope D5 was right. ;-) And I hope the transmission doesn't fall out later. :-0

4. Fortunately Daryl had pointed out to me (at my insistance) which button to press to get the garage door open. [We have separate portable buttons but Daryl programmed his garage opener into his SUV.]

5. I had told Daryl at the airport to remove the radar detector from the window because I didn't EVEN want to mess with that thing. [There's a whole science in just figuring out what that thing is telling you when it goes off!]

6. To top it all off I had to be very careful when putting the SUV into the garage because it only has about 1.5 inches clearance on each side of the mirrors. But after living in Europe for a few years that isn't a big deal anymore. ;-)

7. And Final. The one thing that really got me though was when I was aaaaaalmost home and starting to relax after a day of dealing with the gadget mobile. I was driving past the golf course and admiring how many golfers were out ... when suddenly the windshield wiper blades come on! One flick across the window, back, and then nothing more. I instantly looked at where the control mechanism was on the steering column and tried to figure out how I had accidentally turned them on. But then I remembered ... the windshield wiper mechanism has a moisture sensor and I had noted before when in the SUV with Daryl that that the stupid thing is pretty dern sensitive. And I had just driven by the large water fountain in the golf course pond that happened to finally be turned back on after all the cold weather!!! I had to laugh!

That's when I REALLY impressed myself with my memory! ;-)



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