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Howdy! by Sandra
Oh, I get such a kick out of Rosenose! I just LOVE to see the new messages and it thrills me to see the next generation here. Leah, you and John Wesley must banter back and forth more often. It's such fun!!! Of course, you are only two of the "really special" people out there, but the others aren't cooperating! Right now I'll call you two the "really, really special"! Anyone else want that title, too?? Ya gotta earn it!!!

It's Saturday and my brain is leaking out still. I've had this horrible cold for a week now, and I'm hearing "it's going around and lasting for as long as three weeks". I have bags of mulch to be spread in the flowerbeds, and maybe I'll just go cover myself and forget all the work I'm missing. I'm itching to get dirty and maybe a good sweat would cure me......I'll risk that later.

Last night I had a great conversation with Bill. We got to talking about the family "history" and where Mom and Dad had lived over the years - all their "travels". :) I told him I would search through my genealogy for notes I had taken in the early 70's while sitting in the Christie kitchen with Mom and Dad. I had asked them to tell me about everywhere they had moved to, in chronological order, so I could record it. Anyway, I dug it out and called him back. It was such fun to discuss it with him, especially since he had mentioned that Junior thought he (Junior) was born in Capsfork. Well, Junior, according to Mom and Dad, you were born in Bigflat and Tom was born in Capsfork. Now, who is correct? I remember that day with Mom and Dad as if it were yesterday. They laughed and had so much fun recounting the moves, and I was writing as fast as I could. Maybe I can type it all out, send it to each of you and have you fill in any blanks you notice? Too, before the notes get too cold, I need to compile all the little tidbits into a somewhat organized order. When Dad was in the nursing home, I would ask him questions and record the info on whatever was handy at the time, and I've ended up with a stack of ragged edged ramblings. Good intentions? Yes! Time? Questionable! Lazy? Ah, not a chance! :)

With this cold, I had to miss the great conversation at the Tankersley's last night. Patricia told me this morning they had a really nice time - Janell and Junior were there. I was envious! Still am!!

Hope everyone is fit as a fiddle and looking forward to spring! AND, KEEP US INFORMED!!!

Much love to all,


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