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Rambling Rose by Leah Jean
Glad to hear that fun was had at the last family reunion. Sorry I didn't attend. But hopefully I will get home to visit the folks sometime in December. Haven't made any firm plans yet though.

I do have to make one "quick" movie review because the urge is engulfing me. I would imagine that all of you have heard about the summer blockbuster "Transformers"? Daryl had already seen it once before ... without me ... and said something about falling asleep during the movie. Which, for Daryl, is not that unusual. [Sigh.] But in this case, I couldn't fault him. This movie makes "Independence Day" look like an Oscar nomination for most original script and writing. [Yes, you can tell that I was not impressed with the plot of "Independence Day" because it was rather predictable and cliched; pretty much designed to be a crowd pleaser.] You could definitely tell that the creators of the "Transformers" was targeting the youngsters who were fans of the cartoon or comic books along with teenagers (the biggest spenders on movies). At least it was MUCH better than "Talladega Nights" (spelling?) which would only appeal to the most mentally challenged of people.

Anyway, I digress. The bad points about "Transformers" is that it is geared towards the mind level of a 6-16 year old teenager. The two leading women look like they just stepped out of a music video ("Hollywood pretty"): overly done hair, tons of makeup, perfect figures, and tight fitting sexy clothing. And one is supposed to be a brilliant scientist? [Guffaw!] Of course, the main guy is a kind of looser geek type who is attacted to one of these women. But has to come up against her bully of a boyfriend. At least that part of the plot didn't last very long.

But you have to give the creators of this film credit for trying to stay with the main idea of the Transformers cartoon and quoting the typical good vs. evil lines. Recommend just rolling your eyes thru those parts and concentrating on the special affects. And boy, were they special! But what would you expect from a film produced by Spielberg? The movie was flawless in that respect and had very entertaining robot interaction scenes.

Summary: If you really enjoy special effects then go to this film. If you like an intelligent plot with intelligent people doing things that provoke thought ... keep reading.

The movie "The Departed" deserved all of the hooplah that accompanied its opening. I wouldn't go see it at first because I don't like watching movies with a lot of violence. [I had to force myself to sit thru movies like "Saving Private Ryan" and "Platoon" ... but was very glad I did. But I don't know if I could sit thru them again!] So I finally caught "
The Departed" on cable T.V. ... and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Let's just say there was a lot of violence but it was done realistically without excessive gore. The acting was amazing and the plot was spell-binding. I have a new level of appreciation for Leonardo DeCapprio's abilities. Plus he looked pretty good during a hot love scene. ;) Not to mention the all star cast really did themselves proud. Nicholson took "criminally warped" to its highest level. Alex Baldwin probably plays pretty close to his own personality by playing a rather ... uh .... tempramental person.

All in all, the "Departed" is very much the opposite of "Transformers" on soooo many levels. It is definitely not "feel good" or fun. But it doesn't need special affects to keep you riveted to the screen.

Leah, the Rosenose Reviewer


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