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Definition by Leah the Lefty
Didn't I mention ooooooh so long ago something about recounting some more lefty-lore from my Left-Hander's Calendar? What? No one remembers my saying that? Okay. It has been a little while.

First a definition of a left-hander ... sort of. Here's a quote from Melissa Roth, author of "The Left Stuff". [Like that title!] "While there may never be a consensus on who qualifies as an official left-hander, researchers do tend to gather around a common denominator definition, which goes something like this: A left-hander is a person who uses his or her left hand for activities that require a lot of practise and fine motor skills, such as writing, or involve the coordination of large muscle groups to carry out smooth actions, such as throwing a ball."

Well, I've known that I'm a left-hander most of my life because I write left-handed. But I don't throw a ball left handed. Probably because we only had right handed gloves.

But here's another fact. We don't have just a dominant hand but also a dominant eye, ear, and foot. For example, I know that I have a dominant left eye. Daryl pointed this out when we were shooting. In positioning a shotgun or rifle, I sight with my left eye. I'm not sure if I have a dominant foot or ear though. I do have a tendency to start off holding the phone up to my left ear. But maybe that's just because I hear better with that ear.

A few other interesting "facts" from my calendar.

Apparently some studies have shown that lefties are more likely than righties to be blue-eyed. Okay, this could be possible since some genes have a tendency to group together together like red headed people and their skin type (burn easily). And ... just for the records ... I am blue-eyed.

Children begin to reveal their handedness between twelve months and five years. And girls usually develop hand preferences as much as 2 years earlier than boys. Sorry, no personal facts here. My memory wasn't that discriminating or good way back when. But I did start picking up a pencil with my left hand. So when did I start coloring, Mom? :)

A little off the beaten path but one thing that I like to experiment with is teaching my "other" hand to do things that I normally do with one hand. Like brushing my teeth, which I normally do right-handed. I have now gotten to the point where I like brushing the right side of my mouth with my left hand and vice versa. I can reach my teeth more comfortably that way. The only problem is that it can be rather painful and possibly dangerous trying to learn with the other hand. You don't realize what a delicate and detailed task brushing is until you've poked yourself in the gums and teeth rather hard several times. But learning to use my left hand has come in handy because my right hand does get rather sore every once-in-a-while.

Anyway, enough of this stuff. Next time I may go into the advantages and disadvantages of being a lefty.


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