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Glad to hear all in one piece! by Leah Jean
Yep, I'm glad to hear that you and your family are doing fine, Wes! I hope this incident doesn't become a habit in Qatar now. Geez. Almost as bad as living in tornado alley! But at least with tornadoes you can get a little warning ... sometimes.

And for something on the lighter side. I had an interesting experience the other day. I belong to a Federal credit union and they'd been advertising a new branch kind of near my house. Well, I finally got around to visiting it last week. And it was ... ah ... kind of different. I felt like I had walked onto a SciFi movie set. The tellers were sequestered somewhere behind the walls and communicated with you via a T.V. type monitor screen and microphones/speakers. I guess you could say it was kind of like talking to someone on a large video phone. And each "teller's position" had a pneumatic (?) tube where you could send paperwork or money back and forth in a little container. There was a lady outside with us helping people use the new system. She said that 2-3 tellers could handle about 5 "teller positions". It seemed to work fine but it really felt weird talking to someone on a "television". But at least it was a very secure system.

Kind of reminded me of when Daryl and I were up in Scotland running around and got lost in Edinburough (this is how is it pronounced but I can't remember the correct spelling because it is kind of weird). We stopped at a police station to ask directions and it kind of gave me a weird feeling when I noticed how well fortified the station was. You had to talk to the front desk guy thru (was probably) bullet proof glass and there were a lot of extras to protect against bombs too. Ugh. Must be another fun area to live in. NOT!

And speaking of loud noises out of nowhere, we are now officially into thunderstorm season! Had a big boomer with small hail to officially usher in spring on Sunday. I should have known something bad was coming when the cat on my lap started acting a little paranoid. I was watching The Matrix (III in the series), which is known for a lot of loud sound effects. So I didn't really pay when a big rumble occured that kind of shook the room. But the movie ended shortly thereafter. And then there was no mistaking the big booms for movie effects!!! Kind of started me!

Ya'll take care now! Ya hear?


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