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? by Judy Tankersley
It is so nice to come to my computer and find all these good messages. It makes me realize what a dull life I live, but I'm not complaining..I wouldn't have it any other way. I love this dullness...just Hank, grass, weeds, few flowers, a nice rainy day or warm sunshine, church on Sunday! I'm a happy hermit. Maybe I should restate this...Hank might not be too flattered if he read this, but I meant it as a compliment to him.

We had a very nice, but short, visit with Junior and Janelle on their way back to Texas. Patricia joined us, too. As usual, they insisted on staying in a motel and left early next day, so it was quite short but a wonderful visit. Junior told us about his awful car accident which was much worse than he had told us earlier. It was good to see them and Pat!

Leah, I'm working on the pillows. Have finished the big one. Expect them all about this time next year! They're going to be very pretty.

We're expecting Cindy and family for the holidays, so things will come alive for a while around here. Hope all of you reading this have a merry one, too!

Judy T.


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