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More lefty lore! by Leah the Lefty
Ah, more fellow lefties. And married to boot! Cute! But I've got to wonder how that works out. One of the tidbits I got from the calendar is the following ...

"According to research published in the journal "Neuropsycholgy" by Dr. Stephen Christman and Dr. Ruth Propper, of the Univ. of Toledo in Ohio, members of a family that is dominated by left-handers tend to be better at remembering events than facts."

And I can tell you (even though my family is not left-hand dominant) that I am much better at remembering events than facts. I've always told people that I can't remember names or faces. Well know I have an excuse for it. [That's my story and I'm sticking to it!] And I love to read ... but I have to keep a list of character names along with descriptions as a kind of bookmark for each book. If you think I'm kidding, you should have seen the list I had when I read "War and Peace"! Russians not only have horrendous first and last names, but they can also go by "nicknames". So I'd have a list of all kinds of names for one character! But I'm good at remembering plots. :-)

Okay, I digress. My point is that my hubby (the right hander) and I balance each other out. He's got the good memory for names and dates. He even remembers our anniversary. The only way I remember it is because it is one week before my birthday.

Another tidbit ...
"A recent study found that left-handers are significantly better than right-handers at remembering images that involve direction, such as which way the queen is facing on an English pound. Perhaps that keeps lefties from getting lost!"

So Daryl remembers names and numbers while I have a good sense of direction. For example in a shopping mall, I can remember which way the exit is (he's turned-around) while he remembers the cost of items and names of things (I have to keep lists). We fill in for each other's gaps!

And another ...
"'Chess requires visualizing what the board will look like several moves into the future', explains Harvard Medical School's Lee Cranberg. Cranberg conducted a study of amateur and master chess players, and found that nearly 19% of players were left-handed, significantly higher than the left-handed population at large."
[Personally, I started playing chess when I was fairly young and may have been the first female chess team member in my high school. While I wasn't great, I was definitely above average.]

And another ...
"Dr. Alan Searleman of St. Lawrence Univ., NY found that people who were 'true left-handers', who did everything on their left side, from kicking a football to picking up a glass of water, scored one-third higher on vocabulary tests and twice as well on problem-solving tasks."

The last one ...
"'Left-handed people tend to be more creative, more imaginative than right-handed people.' - Dr. Brung Brynglson, Univ. of Minnesota."
[Okay. I do have to wonder if this is a real name. Makes you wonder if the publishers ran our of facts/quotes and had to put SOMETHING on that page of the calendar.] ;-)

Next time: what do we lefties excel at?


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