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Cool! by Leah Jean
Hey Mom, glad to hear that my pillows are going to turn out beautiful! But I have to be left in anticipation until next year??? Don't know if I can stand curbing my curiosity for that long! Yeah, I know. The gardening season is upon us so there are priorities. And we are finally getting some good weather up here. 'Bout time!!! And I am feeling the call of the garden also. Or at calls from from all those plants that need to shed their winter skin. Sigh. At least they did good time at the mower shop with the tune-up some I'm ready for those weeds. ;-)

Yes, we finally have beautiful weather up here ... in between flooding rainfalls. It seems like the majority of the weather these days is made up of moody clouds or regurgitating downpours. Kind of wondering how much more the golf cart bridges on the local golf course can take because a few have been overflowed by flooding creeks lately. It wouldn't be the first time that a bridge had to be replaced.

But now the sun is finally starting to shine thru and the buds are popping out. It is just beautiful. But my sinuses are beginning to feel the pollen. Apparently Maryland is notrious for bringing out the allergies in people because of all the flora. [Unfortunately, the flora decreases daily around here while the houses (and prices) go up!] And my sinuses are no different because they are a little "unsettled" lately. At least Daryl is doing fine. He's chomping at the bit to get more golfing done.

Oh, and just in time for the good weather, THE LAST PIECE OF OUR FRONT DOOR REPLACEMENT HAS ARRIVED! And I'm staying home tomorrow to see if we can actually get it done .... finally!!! I'll let you all know how it comes out. Got my fingers and toes crossed. [And if any of you haven't heard about the Laurange Sage of Getting Our Front Doors Replaced (a.k.a. the Legends of Home Depot. etc.), sorry, but I don't have that much strength in my fingers ... and I'm sure some wouldn't appreciate the language I'd use ... in relating that story again!]

Speaking of looooong anticipations! Argh!



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