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Happy Thanksgiving! by Sandra

The sun is bright, there's a nip in the air and it's a peaceful day for us. Oh, how I didn't like to forego getting with some of the family, but, with my head cold, I'd be delivering more than pumpkin pie! No one wants that bonus.

Jim and I are going to try the "new" Thomas's Restaurant. Any of you that ever came to visit Dad in the nursing home here are quite familiar, I'm sure, with the old place. Last year it burned and they have re-opened this week in a new building in the same location. It looks nice, but I'm going to hope they have new recipes. I'll let you know if the lettuce is still brown.
It's good reputation had to be because it was a meeting place for "anyone that was anybody in Pryor", plus on Thursday nights one serving of "Steak Pieces with peppers and onions" would have satiated at least three Bubbas.

Leah, I have a Lefty question. In all the years of doing laundry for my family, I ALWAYS had to spot clean the fronts of Stacia's and Jim's shirts. I came to the conclusion it must have been because they were left handed and hadn't mastered the turn of the fork! Now, something you said doesn't jibe with my conclusion: "A recent study found that left-handers are significantly better than right-handers at remembering images that involve direction, such as which way the queen is facing on an English pound". Maybe Stacia and Jim never got that memo?

My hope is that all of you are having a wonderful day and counting all the blessings we've all had for so many, many years. Even when the "inconveniences" come, we have so much to be thankful for. Today as I remember our Thanksgivings past, I can only remember warmth and true joy. And, yes, LOTS OF NOISE!

Prayers and good vibes go out to John Wesley that we might receive very good news soon and he will be back home.

Much love to all of you,


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