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Yes, yes, yes!!! by Leah Jean
Yes, we finally have the new front door in place!!! And it WAS worth the wait! The front of the house looks much better. The inside of the house looks better ... but we still have to paint some of the molding around the rim so the door looks a little unfinished still. But we got an added bonus that we didn't think about; there is a whole lot more light in the door area now. With the double doors we only had the transom window above them. Now we have glass in the door with side windows and a transom. Daryl and I are still getting used to walking by the area because we aren't used to seeing a lot of light in there. In fact, whenever Daryl goes by he keeps thinking that the front door is open. Cute. ;-)

I had kind of been wondering if the transom would even be seen from outside unless you were right on the porch. One installer had pointed out that it was kind of strange to have a transom over a door when there was a porch covering it. But our house sits up fairly high from the road. For example we have about 6 steps up to our front porch. And our front yard slants down to the road. [We were one of the last people to buy a house in our neighborhood so apparently most people didn't like the idea of having a rather steep yard.] So the advantage is that you can see up under the porch roof real well and see the transom real well from the road. Sigh of relief. Considering that we had to wait over 2 more months just for that transom to come in, it was a relief to see that it wasn't a waste of time. :-)

And the door got put in just in time for some heavy duty winds with some heavy duty showers and thunderstorms. [Now we don't get the air leakage like we once did with the double doors.] The Northeast has been getting a lot of wind and flooding lately. But we do have the advantage of being on a hill so we don't worry about the flooding. Just the wind.

And speaking of thunderstorms ... have any of you ever watched a very interesting and crazy show called "Myth Busters" if you get it on cable? It is mainly 2 guys who take old "wives tales" and put them thru real tests. And they have tons of fun doing it! Like they have one test dummy that is pretty much a running joke because it has been rebuilt several times. But they do try to keep the head even though it has obviously been pretty abused. The last show I watched they were testing myths about getting shocked while on the phone or in the shower. [They actually put the dummy in a shower or linked to a phone.] Of course, they couldn't really produce the kind of power that a real lightening bolt would, but they proved that you COULD get seriously shocked either way. I've learned my lesson anyway.

They also proved some really weird myths like using dynamite to clean out a cement mixer with a lot of dry cement inside it. Well, they tested this with various levels of explosive and with various levels of dried cement. And it really did work to a certain extent. But, boys being boys, they had to make the last test with a very heavy duty amount of explosive. They actually put the truck in an old abandoned quary with several people as police and firemen cordoning off the area. They even had a retired FBI agent who was an explosives expert to advise them how far to get away from the blast. And man, it was a serious blast!!! It obviously wasn't a serious test. They were just blowing the vehicle up for fun. [The truck was donated to them because it had a LOT of hardened cement in it.]

There was another really weird myth about a Mexican breaking out of jail by using (I think it was) chewing tobacco on his cell bars. [This took the guy several years to do supposedly.] Well, the myth busters proved that this substance does have a corrosive effect on iron bars if applied a certain way over time! Geez! They are so entertaining. :-)

Well, here's hoping that no one has to ever really try the Mexican jail busting "myth".



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